This post first appeared in at CITY.A.M.

ReSolve has partnered with investment firm RoundShield to launch a new £100m SME-focussed investment fund that will invest in Covid-hit businesses.

ReSolve said the extra cash will allow it to work with more businesses, including those that may be struggling since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

ReSolve is a London boutique advisory and investment house; its services include corporate restructuring and the provision of capital to businesses that are in need of investment.

ReSolve senior partner Cameron Gunn said: “The substantial increase in firepower which we have just achieved means we can bring strength and resources to good but, due to the circumstances, financially challenged businesses.

“We welcome all opportunities and look forward to helping the country’s SMEs, which are the backbone of the UK economy.”

The challenges and uncertainty brought about by Covid-19 have led to companies needing services such as corporate finance and simplification, restructuring, refinancing and investment.

Partner Ken Browne added: “We quickly invest cash and help implement a business plan thereby enabling management to stabilise the organisation, deliver solid performance, and build for the future, whether this involves divestment, rescue or redeveloping the business model. We take a hands-on approach and we are there to build value, not extract it.”